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Vision, Mission, Goals

Vision, Mission, Goals

A brief history of Conasense History

The COmmunication, NAvigation, SENsing and SErvices (CONASENSE) platform is a 6G interdisciplinary brainstorming and dissemination platform that aims to foster the development of novel 6G digital services, to assist the further development of society.

The CONASENSE vision was first presented by Prof. Dr. Ramjee Prasad (CTIF Global Capsule, Aarhus University) at a Defense event in Italy in 2011, based on the definition of an interdisciplinary vision that has been developed by Prof. Ramjee Prasad and Prof. Marina Ruggieri (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”).

Since then, CONASENSE has been established as a worldwide field of research and investigation, and is one of the twelve research arms of the CTIF Global Capsule (CGC). CONASENSE as a brainstorming platform has given rise to multiple events, publications, and also projects.

In 2021, CONASENSE has further evolved based on a Memorandum of Understanding between CGC, Aarhus University and fortiss GmbH. CONASENSE is currently coordinated by Prof. Dr. Rute C. Sofia (fortiss GmbH).

In the core of the CONASENSE Vision is a 6G intelligent, heterogeneous wireless system that will provide not only ubiquitous communication but also empower high accuracy
localization and high–resolution sensing service. In the envisioned 6G systems, localization, sensing and communication must all coexist, sharing the same time–frequency–spatial resources.

CONASENSE has envisioned this integration with 8 years in advance and will continue to provide answers to the many open questions related to how such convergent communication, localization and sensing 6G ecosystem would look like.

Therefore, the Mission of CONASENSE is to be a brainstorming and dissemination platform for the realization of the interdisciplinary 6G vision. Its goals are:

-to develop 6G as an intelligent, heterogeneous wireless paradigm, that can support next generation services in particular focusing on the advancement of society.

-to debate on relevant societal aspects such as energy awareness, user-centric behaviour, and how to bring these forward.

-to provide a regular basis for brainstorming in communication+sensing+navigation/satellite communications+sustainable services.

-to provide a dissemination platform for advanced research and innovation, including tooling development.