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CONASENSE Symposium Talks 2022
IBM Innovation Studio Munich , Felizitas Müller, IBM Keynote
UnternehmerTUM - We turn visions into value, Florian Küster, Unternehmer TUM Makerspace Keynote
The EU platform for IoT and Edge must be open source!, Gael Blondelle, Eclipse (remote) Keynote
AI based sensing for IoT Building Applications, Avik Santra, Infineon Keynote
GDOP Optimised LEO Constellation for Positioning, Harshal More, Mauro de Sanctis, Ernestina Cianca, Cosimo Stallo Technical Paper
Achievable Bandwidth of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) Concepts Towards 6G Communications, Werner Mohr Technical Paper - best Paper award
Cybersecurity in the Era of Next Generation Wireless Networks , Milica Pejanović-Djurišić, University of Montenegro Invited Talk
Green OFDM Transmission: An optimal Signal Design Approach, Hoomayoun Nikookar, Defence Academy, Netherlands Invited Talk
ASSIST-IoT (PDF), Ignacio Lacalle Ubela, Universidad Politecnica di Valencia Project Session
IntellIoT, Arne Bröring, Siemens AG Project Session
iNGENIOUS, Giacomo Bernini and Erin Seder, Nextworks Project Session
TERMINET: nexT gEneRation sMart INterconnectEd ioT' (PDF), Panagiotis Sariagiannidis, University Western Macedonia Project Session
VEDL-IoT (PDF), Jens Hagemeyer, University of Bielefeld Project Session
IOT-NGIN (PDF), Jonathan Klimt, RWTH, Aachen Project Session
EFPF (PDF), Usman Wajid, Information Catalyst Project Session
Challenges in the design of a holographic telepresence system – the current outcomes from the implementation of a use case scenario (PDF), Vladimir Poulkov,Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria Invited talk, business models and sustainability
6G - An Ecosystem for Technology and Market Opportunities (PDF), Martjin Kuipers,University Lusiada/ INESC-INOV, Portugal Invited talk, business models and sustainability
Green Business Model 6G Services: A new perspective with Internet of Things connected Green Business Models empowered with Artificial Intelligence , Per Valter, Aarhus University Invited talk, business models and sustainability
Green Business Models and Use-cases for 6G (PDF), Peter Lindgren, vice-president CGC, Aarhus University, Denmark Invited talk, business models and sustainability
Catarinha Castanheira, Rita Almeida, Duarte Marques, Guilherme Firmino, Luis Elvas, Joao C. Ferreira, How tourists move in a city Short paper session
Savita Sthawarmarth, Eric Renault, Stateless Paradigm for Resiliency in Beyond 5G Networks Short paper session
Nidhi, Bahram Khan, Albena Mihovska, Ramjee Prasad, Vladimir Poulkov, Fernando J Velez. Dynamic Resource Block Allocation in Network Slicing Short paper session
Information Technology courses in large scale to supply national demands, Rodolfo Azevedo, President of UNIVESP, Brazil
IoT in Brazil understanding challenges and opportunities (PDF), Paulo José Spaccaquerche, President of ABINC (Brazilian Association of IoT)
Machine Learning Enables Radio Resource Utilization of uRLLC (PDF), Kwan-Cheng Chen, University of Florida
Reaching out to billions of client devices: Challenges and opportunities in very dense wireless networks (PDF), Jean-Paul Linnarzt, Signify, Philips Lightning, Netherlands
Polyphase Channelizers in Modern Communication Systems (PDF), Fred Harris, University of San Diego
CONASENSE Workshop 2021 Talks
The Green Wall, Peter Lindgren, CGC, Aarhus University
Basic considerations on Terahertz communication systems, Werner Mohr, consultant
Global 5G Evolution for CONASENSE, Kaneshwaran Govindasamy, Global 5G Evolution
The Evolution of the Radio Access Network towards 6G, Vladimir Poulkov, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Wi-Fi evolution: towards Wi-Fi 7, Valerio Frascola, Intel labs, Germany
The case for 6G, Martijn Kuipers, INESC-INOV, Portugal
The security architecture of 5G networks and how it could evolve towards 6G, Stefan Wevering, Nokia, Germany
An Engineering Perspective on the Quantum Optical Communications and Sensing, Kwang-Cheng Chen, University of Florida, USA
How to keep the academic and scientific distance learning for students during the Coronavirus Pandemic, Rodolfo Azevedo, UNICAMP, Brazil
From 5G to 6G: Space Connecting Planet Earth for a Sustainable Future, Maria Gupta, ESA
Cognitive networking as instant primer of large-scale satellite networks, Paulo Mendes, Airbus
Non-terrestrial Networks (NTN): Boosting 6G from the Sky, Tomaso de Cola, DLR
A Risk Analysis of CONASENSE Satellite Systems Threats, Homayoun Nikookar, faculty of Military Sciences of the Netherlands Defence Academy, Netherlands
Geolocalization of low complexity and low power consumption IoRT terminals, Ernestina Cianca, Univ Rome
Social Media Insights about COVID-19 in Portugal: a social sensing approach, Joao Ferreira, ISCTE-IUL
Challenges of machine learning in eVTOL aircraft systems reliability and safety, Marcos A Salvador, Polytechnique Montréal, Canada
Applications of AI and AR in the context of Next Generation Communications and Services, Albena Mihovska, Aarhus University, Denmark
Building an Agile Co-Innovation Framework for Addressing Emerging Technological Challenges, Milica Pejanović-Djurišić, University of Montenegro
System Working Principles and Use Cases of Railway Mobile Communication System towards 5G and Beyond, Navin Kumar