CONASENSE: Workshop 2015

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CONASENSE workshop 2015 will take place on March 23-24, 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


23 March 2015 Day 1

12:00 hrs

Welcome with luncheon in Mercure restaurant

MEETING (Hall 10)

13:00 hrs

Opening, approval agenda and presentation 4th Conasense book

13:20 hrs

Minutes + appendices of Conasense workshop March 24-25, 2014

13:30 hrs

Action points (see attached list of 21 actions)

14:20 hrs

Conasense journal with papers from Conasense session in GWS 2014

14:30 hrs

Coffee break

15:00 hrs

Report from Prof. Pupolin on Horizon 2020-Conasense proposal Work packages 1-9: WP leaders and partners Status Documents: Ready vs not yet ready, Strong vs not yet strong

16:15 hrs

Discussion on initiatives for new proposals in Eu-Horizon 2020

16:20 hrs

Importance of non-technical (multi-) disciplines in 3rd Conasense book and in Horizon 2020-Conasense proposal

16:40 hrs

Financial report 2014

17:00 hrs

Actions for expanding members

17:30 hrs


18:30 hrs

Gathering together to have some drinks

19:00 hrs

Diner with diner speech “Conasense topics are important for IEEE” 

 24 March 2015, Day2

08:00 hrs


MEETING (Hall 10)

09:00 hrs

Presentation on ICT infrastructure university Firenze

09:30 hrs

Presentation on vulnerability of radio navigation systems in future transport

10:00 hrs

Visionary presentation on transport of the future

10:30 hrs

Coffee break

11:00 hrs

Visionary video

11:30 hrs

Potentials for a Horizon 2020 Conasense project on future transport

12:15 hrs


12:30 hrs


13:00 hrs

Luncheon and farewell