CONASENSE: Workshop 2014

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CONASENSE workshop 2014 will take place on March 24-25, 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


24 March 2014 Day 1
12:00 hrs Welcome with luncheon in Mercure restaurant
MEETING (Hall 10)
13:00 hrs Opening, approval agenda and presentation 2nd Conasense book
13:10 hrs Minutes + appendices of Conasense workshop March 25-26, 2013
13:20 hrs Report of WG1 (Prof. Pupolin) and WG2 (Prof. Safak)
13:40 hrs Discussion on importance of non-technical (multi-) disciplines in     Conasense (Issue raised by Dr. Cianca)
14:00 hrs Discussion on initiatives for proposals in Eu- Horizon 2020
(proposal of Prof. Pupolin, responses from Prof. Prasad, Prof. Chen, Dr. Nikookar, Prof. Poulkov and Chairman)
14:20 hrs Conasense Session in GWS 2014 (Prof. Prasad and Chairman)
14:30 hrs a. Special Issue of IEEE Communications magazine on Satellite     Communications and Networking: Emerging Tec
b. Progr ess on potential Conasense EU Horizon 2020 project (Prof. Del Re)
14:40 hrs Financial report 2013
14:45 hrs Actions for expanding members (contributions from all participants)
15:00 hrs Break
15:15 hrs WG1 and WG2 meetings
15:20 hrs Presentations and discussions in WG1 and WG2
17:30 hrs Closing
18:30 hrs Gathering together to have some drinks
19:00 hrs Diner with diner speech from Chairman on “Topics for panel meeting during GWS 2014”
25-Mar 2014,  Day2
08:00 hrs Breakfast
MEETING (Hall 10)
09:00 hrs Plenary discussion on status WG1 and WG2
09:45 hrs WG1 and WG2 meetings in parallel
10:30 hrs Coffee break
10:45 hrs WG1 and WG2 meetings in parallel
11:30 hrs Summary reports working groups WG1 and WG2
12:45 hrs Actions
13:00 hrs Closing luncheon